06 May 2011


I feel like I should start off by first saying I am very blessed! And remember this is Random Thoughts from a Random Mommy... This is one of the random posts. :)
It's been one of those weeks where life is changing, and as my Dad used to say: "Everyone hates change!" He was right (and about most things)!

This week, Rob began his new job at Intel. He's going to be working in the D1D Fab at Ronler Acres. It's been an adjustment with him just punching a clock versus going and getting his work done and coming home. But I knew it'd be an adjustment, but I didn't think I'd have as many emotions going along with it all... I think I need to just process the whole thing. And as I type this up, there is a knock (thank you delivery guy!) at the door where I got flowers for Mother's day!

His original shift will be working Wednesday-Friday and every other Saturday from 7:30 PM-8 AM. But I just got word that it won't be that shift for at least 3 months! Gah! I had mentally prepared myself for the nights... I had already figured out babysitting for that schedule on Saturdays where I would be busy with Mom & Michelle having our monthly pedicures. But now I have to figure it out again. Oy Vey! I think my mother in law will be getting a couple phone calls in addition to our Pastor's daughter.

And Rob is still going to school on top of all of it. Monday and Tuesday nights he's at OIT. We still have two more years until he graduates (Class of 2013). And I say we because I feel like I am going to school too! :) Well I might not be going to school, but I am learning small tidbits of engineering stuff.

Once he's done with his Bachelor's degree he's planning on either going off to UO (gasp) for a Masters in Applied Physics or maybe Arizona State for a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering, which of course would mean relocation. 

Thankfully this is all hinging on his time at Intel and if he can get accepted into one of these programs. I was a bit nervous about the idea of moving to the Southwest... Come on, anyone who knows me, knows I am a true Oregonian! I hate the heat. I know it's hilarious. Go ahead chuckle. All I know is, IF we were to move, I'd hope to be back in Tigard before Chandler starts High School at Southridge. So we have 9 years to do this... Holy cow, my kid will be in high school in 9 years?! Woah

I guess I needed to process all of this, write down the scary things: Change to our schedule, Change in daily routine, possibility of moving in a couple years, meeting new people when/if we do, how the kids will adjust to moving, and how Rob will do when he does go to graduate school. I know he'll do great! He sure has surprised me, not that he wasn't capable, but he's so determined! It makes me so proud, and it's worth all the emotional roller coasters in the next couple years... 

I told you this was a random post. :) Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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