13 May 2011

Why did I even bother?

Since Blogger is back up and running, a Friday post!

I went to WW this morning with Lincoln to do a mid week weight check... How the hell did I gain 1.8? I mean seriously?! I have worked out 3 times this week already, my shoulder is so sore, I can hardly lift Lincoln to the changing table. Ouchie. So, I must have had too much sodium, since the calories have been right on target. Right? That would make sense right? I don't know why I went, maybe to see if all the work I had done during the week had paid off. But I guess not yet. I know I still have 4 days (essentially) to loose at least 1.8. I know I can do it. But this weekend is jammed packed!

Tomorrow, I am going to a Zumba fundraiser for Kidtalk, Chandler & Lincoln's speech therapy clinic. It's 2 hours, and I am planning on doing at least 1 hour of it. I am looking forward to it. Afterwards we are hitting Chandler's school carnival. I am sure that will be a hit.

Sunday...I cannot wait for Sunday! Rob will have a day off and we'll be able to have dinner as a family. I miss it. I know the boys miss seeing Daddy. Lincoln hasn't seen him since Tuesday afternoon. :(  I have plenty of things that we can do, but it looks like it's going to rain, again. Boo. But at least we can have some family time together!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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